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White Uniform

Teleia Publications
Illustrated by Renia Metallinou

When she was a little girl, Sophia dreamed of becoming a nurse to take care of others. She did not imagine then, that one day she would find herself on the front line of war and conflict that ravaged her small country…

Α story about the strength and courage of a young nurse, which shines light one all those who work tirelessly and selflessly to relieve human suffering. Based on a true story.

* Cyprus national literature award for young children (2018) *

An excerpt by the review committee of the national literature awards for young children:

“In simple writing, Marina Mihaelidou-Kadi manages to narrate not only the life of Grandma Sophia, the dynamic and courageous nurse, … but to also highlight the recent history of Cyprus, without a trace of nationalism. The text is supported by the marvelous illustrations of Renia Metallinou.”