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Waiting for the rain
Kalendis Publications
Illustrated by Renia Metallinou
Each time it rained, Marc’s paper boats travelled away, taking away all sorrows. But now the rain is gone… A small boat he always carries with him helps Marc remember and gives him hope. Every day he scans the sky, waiting for a sign…

A story that, through the phenomenon of drought, underlines the strong feelings of loss, anticipation, and joy.

* Shortlisted for the Cyprus national literature award for young children (2018).


“A story that is full of love, memories, sadness rejoicing with joy, patience, perseverance, tears, and redemption. A story that teaches us to share our sadness, our loss, to move forward, to hope, to keep only the beautiful, the great. A story that speaks of the most precious good – water – and our respect for nature.”

Eleni Mpeteinaki, writer, “Looking for readers” blog

“A subtle, atmospheric story, where emotion flows and the issue of drought is presented in a non-didactic way, silently and fondly connected to memory. The small boat, a simple piece of paper that all children love to make and which is found in almost all Mediterranean societies, becomes the thread that connects the present with the past, reality with dream, and ultimately the carrier of hope and optimism in the redeeming end.”

Eleni Georgostathi, writer, “Once upon a time young Eleni” blog

“Waiting for the rain by Marina Michaelidou-Kadi, with excellent illustrations by Renia Metallinou, is one of the most beautiful books for children that we have read in recent years. The 33 pages of the book overflow with tenderness and ecological messages, through Marc’s story.”

Theodosis Vafiades, “Literature Notes” blog