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Nicolas and Elli
Parga Publications
Illustrated by Vasilis Papatsarouchas
Nicolas and Elli have a special bond. Whenever Nicolas visits the zoo, she comes to greet him with her trunk. Until one day, Elli does not respond to Nicolas’ call. As he tries to figure out what is wrong, he will have to face the truth about Elli and her past, a truth that will change him forever…
  • Cyprus national literature award for young children (2013).
  • Shortlisted for the Greek IBBY picture book award (2013).
  • IBBY Honor List (2016).


“Beyond the clear animal welfare and environmental themes of the book, its great value lies in the cultivation of empathy. The incitement to put ourselves in the place of another, whether that is a human being or any creature of nature.” Angeliki, “Beloved children’s books” blog

“Before our eyes unfolds a story of captivity: the elephant was born free in nature, walking casually next to her mother, happy and protected among other elephants, but was captured at the tender age of three and brought to the zoo. There she lived alone, in a confined space for 17 years. […] Choosing a ‘bad’ ending in children’s literature is risky. Here, the author takes the risk and wins triumphantly.” Rania Boubouri, “Diastixo”

“Beautiful and partly prophetic tale, written with warmth and tenderness by Marina Michaelidou-Kadi who treats her characters with love and respect.” Andreas Kounios, “Alithia”