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From the earth to the stars    

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Illustrated by Angeliki Pilati

A mother. A letter. A wish.
A wish that her child will try to leave the world a better place…

This first bilingual book in Cyprus (Greek and Turkish) describes all the joys and fears a mother has for her child growing up in a divided country, and her hopes for a peaceful future.

* National award for children’s book illustration (2016) *


“With great tenderness and a deeply human voice, the two authors depict the relationship between a mother and her child from pregnancy to early school years. In addition to the emergence of selfless maternal love, the need for uninterrupted dialogue, and complete devotion, which contribute to the development of the child’s personality and character, the authors convey the constant worry about the future of the child born in a place that has suffered the consequences of multiple wars and disasters.” Anta Katsiki-Givalou, “Bookpress”

“A bilingual book for children, a first story that appeals to both Greek and Turkish Cypriots, by two young writers who love their country and find a common ground, a common purpose, and a common voice, so that they not only write a story to be shared with all the children of Cyprus, but they literally compose an anthem of love.” Elita Michaelidou, journalist