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Children’s dreams

Patakis Publications
Illustrated by Daniela Stamatiadi

Once there was a girl who dreamed of touching the stars that shone in the sky. And a boy who dreamed of flying like a bird, over the rooftops and over the sea and the clouds. Some dreams seem so impossible, that no one believes they might ever come true…

A book about what it means to have dreams and never giving up on them, even in the most difficult circumstances.

  • White Ravens 2017.
  • Shortlisted for the Greek national children’s books awards in the picture book category (2017).


Eleni Artzanidou, writer and educator, “THINK FREE Opinion Magazine

“The author with simple but inspired form creates one of the most beautiful, optimistic tales.”

Eleni Georgostathi, writer, blog “Once upon a time, young Eleni

“I don’t know if this book should first be read by three and five year olds or adults, parents, teachers, each one of us. Because Children’s dreams [. . .] do not simply bring you back to the distant past of your own childhood, but make you ponder its relevance with the truth of your present.”

Anta Katsiki – Givalou, Professor of Children’s Literature, University of Athens, “Book Press”

“Through the contrast of fantasy and realism, the author highlights how important it is for children to dream about the future, and the benefits when these dreams are materialized in their adult life.”

Eleni Mpeteinaki, writer, blog “Looking for readers

“A book about self-esteem and having confidence in ourselves, our ideas, dreams, and beliefs. A book that speaks against all the “shoulds” imposed by grownups and makes the dreams of children a reality. A book that is not only for children, but also for those adults who have lived through the years and forgot their path, their dreams. A book to remind them to nurture the imagination of their own children and help them thrive in a world that is full of obligations, prohibitions, hesitations, and lost hopes.”

Angeliki, blog “Beloved children’s books

“The author’s stories indirectly and effortlessly suggest how important it is to acquaint children with nature, active play, and the observation of the natural world, to help them develop their personalities, unleash their talents, and find their dream … The illustrations of Daniella Stamatiadi reveal the wonderful, bright, and warm world of the children’s souls, which is in stark contrast to the strict silhouettes of adults, who stand in the gray shadow of rejection, devaluation, and compromise.”