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Teleia Publications
Illustrated by Renia Metallinou

A different kind of summer. An unexpected friendship. A life’s lesson that will never be forgotten. Because heroes show up where you least expect them. And they do not always appear in human form!


“Marina Michaelidou-Kadi’s latest tale proves, again, what a tender and imaginative writer she is. Her elegant narrative style, embellished with concerns about social issues and, especially, about respect for the environment and respect for animals, work miraculously for readers of all ages.” Andreas Kounios, “Alithia”

“A happy, tender and colorful book, that brings back sweet memories of our villages and the carefree days spent with our beloved grandmother. Through her little adventure, Mirsini learns that an animal can become one’s best friend and the beauty of nature, the best company. Melenia encompasses the wisdom of nature that people in modern societies snub and remove, more and more, from their lives.” Eirini Koutmou, reviewer of children’s literature