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Marina Michaelidou-Kadi was born in Limassol, Cyprus, and currently lives in Nicosia with her family. With a background in psychology and environmental policy and management, she is known for writing children’s stories that cultivate empathy, compassion towards animals, and environmental consciousness.

Her books have received a number of awards and distinctions, including two national literature award for young children (for the books White uniform and Nicolas and Elli), the children’s book award by the Cyprus Bibliographical Society (Semeli’s smile), the Peter Pan Prize of Sweden (Sabel’s red dress), the “IBBY Honor List” of the International Board on Books for Young People, and selection for the White Ravens Catalogue of the International Youth Library of Munich. Several of her books have also been shortlisted for the children’s book awards of Cyprus and Greece.

Awards and distinctions

  • White Ravens for the book The yellow blanket of happiness (2019).
  • National literature award for young children for the book White uniform (2018).
  • White Ravens for the book Children’s dreams (2017).
  • “IBBY Honor List” for the book Nicolas and Elli (2016).
  • Peter Pan Prize of IBBY Sewden for the book Sabel’s red dress (2016).
  • White Ravens for the book Sabel’s red dress (2014).
  • National literature award for young children for the book Nicolas and Elli (2013).
  • Children’s book award by the Cyprus Bibliographical Society for the book Semeli’s smile (2011).
  • Shortlisted for the Greek national children’s book awards (Children’s dreams 2017).
  • Shortlisted for the Cyprus national literature awards for young children (Waiting for the rain 2018, Sabel’s red dress 2015, Seneli’s smile 2012, Sophia and the small forest 2011).
  • Shortlisted for the Greek IBBY picture book awards (Peter’s dream 2016, Sabel’s red dress 2015, Nicolas and Elli 2013).